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[02:05:37] <edrexmatri> hi :) I just found filestash last week and I'm pretty excited about it. Thanks for sharing your work.
[02:05:37] <edrexmatri> I can't figure out how to create a sharing link in the UI. Wondering if some prerequisite is missing. I'm connected to an SFTP share.
[02:05:37] <edrexmatri> When I figure it out I'll submit a doc update.
[02:07:28] <edrexmatri> (running a freshly-built arm docker image with traefik TLS in front)
[06:28:25] <edrexmatri> so, it turns out that my ublock origin is overzealously blocking the share graphic. lol i guess.
[08:06:15] <~blipblip> [github] We just reached 3718 stars! Thank you `MuratGundes`
[09:04:22] <~mickael-k> edrex: interesting. Do you know why ublock is acting like this?
[09:04:28] <~mickael-k> Any log or something you can share?
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[18:49:37] <edrexmatri> michael-kerjean1: seems it's matching the line "/icons/share." in
[18:49:37] <edrexmatri> that's in the optional "Annoyances" list group in the adblock prefs. Tested with ublock origin in an empty firefox profile and that list isn't enabled/the icon isn't blocked, so IDT any action is needed
[18:58:50] <edrexmatri> i have been playing around with ffmpeg hwaccel encoding on arm. good results with odroid hc1 and rpi3. gonna make a local patch to add a setting to override encoder settings. if i get it working will with the offsets/chunking i'll contrib. Maybe with presets for different devices? either that or just a prepopulated text field and a doc page with different preferences.
[19:00:39] <edrexmatri> michael-kerjean1: what's your stance on inline docs for /admin settings? i guess that gets into localization headaches.
n inline docs for /admin settings? i guess that gets into localization headaches.
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